Inimiti is a new type of a Micro Venture Fund focusing on software in New Media

Our Name: Inimiti is a derivative of “inimitable” which means “something that is beyond imitation, something surpassingly excellent, unrivaled and exceptional.” We like to feel that way but more important, it keeps us on edge and reminds us every day about the high level of performance we are expected to deliver.

Our Team: We like to think of ourselves as the perfect team (we really are) to make seed-stage New Media investments and to make them super successful. We bring extensive experience in fund and company management from being entrepreneurs, CEOs and investors. We have the execution experience and a worldwide network of contacts to support our portfolio companies in the Internet and Mobile sectors.

Our Focus: Software platforms and services in the New Media space (Internet, Mobile and anything in between).

We are at the beginning of a revolution in the way people communicate, consume content, shop, do business and manage their lives. The usage of Internet and mobile today, and their connectivity presents a tremendous opportunity to create successful companies that bring new platforms and services to the space. 

Combine that with today’s rapid development and deployment technologies and our start-up companies are getting to the market faster with less capital, and grow quickly into profitable businesses.

Our Added Value: We understand the tricky balance between pushing our companies forward vs. holding them back. We are very involved in our companies’ strategy and execution but most importantly: we know when to step back. We use our network to help build teams, develop the business and also take care of future rounds of financing.